Estipharm France is a specialist in health and beauty accessories.

We supply a complete and attractive line
of innovative products for pharmacies
and health and beauty stores.

We operate on both
national and international markets.

For the past 40 years, Estipharm France
has been recognised as a pioneer, innovating
in health and beauty accessories

We create, produce and distribute a complete and attractive line
for pharmacies and health and beauty retailers that stands out for its
leading-edge products promoting their
customers’ well-being and beauty care.

Estipharm France sells to over 15,000 pharmacies. Our key role in our clientele’s successful product offerings derives from:

Our dynamism

Established in 1976 in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, this family-owned company grew to become SAS Estipharm France by constantly creating new brands and registered designs in its operating area. Based in the city of Toulouse, Estipharm France has grown with changing logistics needs, now serving customers across France, its overseas departments and territories and in a number of francophone countries.

Our responsiveness and flexibility

We have a flexible administrative structure, committed employees and partners, efficient digitalisation, and an integrated logistic platform to reduce lead and delivery times, and strengthen our advantageous price positioning.
Our customers both in France and abroad benefit from our unique ability to manufacture tailor-made references (personalised products).

Commercial relations adapted to our customers’ economic expectations

Our company has developed a unique packaging strategy that helps optimise management for all sizes of pharmacies, health and beauty stores and specialty stores.

Our sales network

30 representatives crisscross France to visit our customers on a regular basis. Under our CEO’s guidance, our representatives provide advice, assistance and merchandising services to our customers.

The wealth of our customer offering: the competitive edge offered by our product lines

All Estipharm brands and product lines are created to meet consumers’ demands for innovation: colour, new technologies, new forms, and trendy or fashionable decorations. Our products must boast a combination of beauty, design, colour, shine, trims and quality finishes.
Our collections are renewed several times a year, and are shown to their best advantage by numerous POS (Point of Sale) advertising materials, in particular special self-service display cases.

a line of diversified products

  • Estipharm Cisellerie

    Scissors collections
    Tweezers, scissors, files,
    health and beauty
    manicure, pedicure.
    Trends collections, Strass,
    Cities, etc.

  • Estipharm Bain et Toilette

    Bath and grooming

    Hair brushes, combs,
    exfoliating and massage gloves and mitts,
    toiletry bags, ear plugs, etc.

  • Estipharm Lunettes solaires Loupes de lecture

    Reading glasses,

    A selection of models designed
    and selected
    in keeping with the latest fashions.
    Thin lenses, visual

  • Calysia maquillage

    Selective make-up,
    nail polish,
    lipstick made
    in France.
    Brushes, natural sea sponges,
    loofahs, etc.

  • Tolosane Eau de Cologne

    70° and 80°
    Eau de Cologne..
    Made in France with
    fragrances of the South.

  • Les Patous et PETIPOUCE

    All baby care accessories
    for the bath, mealtimes,
    skincare, dummies, baby gifts,
    early learning
    toys, etc.

  • Le Pastillage Officinal

    Created in 2005, our brand of
    lozenges made with active ingredients enriched with plants and fruit,
    provide soothing relief and beneficial effects.
    Available in varieties
    such as honey gum,
    gum arabic, liquorice and
    sugar-free in a range of flavours and
    sensations, and in packaging suited
    to exclusive retailers.

  • Saintex préservatifs

    A dynamic line of thin, high quality condoms.
    Saintex Jeune (Low cost)
    Saintex Supra (Pleasure)
    Saintex Emotion (Beaded and ribbed)
    Saintex Voyage (Protected box)

  • Estipharm France

    Personalised customer loyalty materials. Bags, labels, personal assistance, registered Estipharm pill dispenser, etc.

Estipharm is growing strongly,
regularly creating new positions
for field sales representatives, sales assistants
and order pickers.
We invite any dynamic and talented person to apply.

We also welcome work experience placements in commerce, sales, marketing, regulatory affairs and quality assurance.

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Siège social

8 et 10 rue de l’Europe
31850 Montrabé
Fax :

8 et 10 rue de l’Europe, 31850 Montrabé
Latitude : +43°38'44.7"N
Longitude : +1°30'47.3"E
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